How to i make sections via sectional area?..

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Laranjo123, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Laranjo123

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    I've finished my sectional area and load waterline curve calculation. I wanted to make sections using sectional area?...
  2. Laranjo123

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    or from the calculation of S.A and L.W.L
  3. messabout
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    Your question is not entirely clear. The limited information seems to imply that you have drawn a plan view of a chosen waterline and wish to calculate section areas with respect to only the WL and design displacement. Perhaps you need more lines first. Buttocks, waterlines, and diagonals will cause the sections to evolve for themselves. Having drawn all those curves does not assure that you have an appropriate set of lines. This can get to be a tricky exercise.

    What sort of vessel are you drawing? Is it to be a barge, bulker, luxury yacht,dinghy, sail or power boat....etc? More detail will yield better answers.
  4. Laranjo123

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    Ok section design for motoryachts i have offsets of sectional area ang load waterline offsets... So how do i project those Cp"s with the use of this two datas?...i have a book called merchants ship design by munro smith. He have wriiten the how to design the sections with the use of sectional area data's but i can't understand those?...
  5. jehardiman
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    You need to construct the "cargo block" for what is "in" the hull. This is things like engines, pump rooms, and manned spaces below the waterline, and for your case is limited by beam (which is why some engine arrangements end up staggered). Once you have the length, width, and depth of the block, you can start to fit hull sections of the required area distribution around the space you need. Tanks and structure get squeezed into the extra volume.

  6. Laranjo123

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    One of my prof said that I can use Taylor"s curve. And I"d like to know what book do I need to study that curve but I found one on which I find it very hard for me to understand. But I"m sure it will take time though. Any suggestions or advice is welcome. Folks also who would like to share their ideas Are also welcome
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