How To Find Area Under Gz Curve

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by souravsandesh, Dec 20, 2014.

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    I am doing my final year project on catamaran....I ve generated the GZ curve in RHINO....but I donno how to find the area under the GZ curve.

    I have to check all the values with the IMO rules and requirements....the problem is they are in "mrad" units.....even if I find the area under the GZ curve using simpson's rule, how can I convert m^2 to mrad???

    please help me.....
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    Surely if you join the ends of the curve with a straight line,you can use the analyse function to derive the area?I have not tried it myself in Rhino,but feel sure that if it doesn't work you could always use the surface commands to create a planar surface and analyse that.
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    Besides indicated by wet feet, the process is the same as when using the Simpson method to integrate any other curve. The ordinates are the angles of heel, you have to put in radians, and the abscissa are the values of GZ, in meters, for each angle of heel. (You are not going to get m^2 but m*rad)
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