How to draw general arrangements?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by emrenergiz, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. emrenergiz
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    emrenergiz Junior Member

    Currently i am designing a yacht about 10 meters for my school project, and i am concerning about the interior arrangement, does anyone know a book, website or any document about tips and tricks or likely staff on designing general arrangement? Any contribitions will be helpfull.
  2. TeddyDiver
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    How about a a couple of Sailing magazines having Boat tests. You are going to find them (boat interiors) all clones...:mad:
  3. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    I started a similar thread a while back. Read the thread, there are several book recommendations buried in it.

    Ergonomics - Stairs on Boats

    I never purchased a book, but did look in some magazines and in a few of our member's galleries.

    I'm also building a 1" = 1'=0" scale model. I can't find any wooden people at that scale so I made some crude foam ones of my own.
  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Ramsey/Sleeper's "Architectural Graphic Standards" in a land based bible for these sort of things. Dimensions for just about everything. Boats are a little different as the confines can often force compromises, especially in craft under 30'.

    Like any good engineer, you have to do some research, establish a data base and implement what you've gathered into a homogonous whole, that hopefully will fit most humans. My engineering studies included ergonomics, why hasn't yours?
  5. Landlubber
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    Skeens "Elements of Yacht Design". an oldie but a goodie, has all the dimensions required for comfortable seating heights, bed lengths etc etc.
    Nicholsons book is another.
  6. Kerry Thomas
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    Several books by Ian Nicholson
  7. Wdgrant
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    Wdgrant Junior Member

    Ya I went to the landing school and Skeen was by far the best ref. for Ga that we used.

  8. EStaggs
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    Dave Gerr's The Nature of Boats has a great section on what people need to fit.

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