How to draw a hull of a ship in ProEngineer?

Discussion in 'Software' started by ggburne, Jul 22, 2010.

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    I am a Mechanical Engineering student and my thesis requires me to model a hull of a ship, specifically an icebreaker and to be imported into ANSYS. The only CAD program that I'm good at is ProEngineer but I have no idea how to model a hull since this is more towards naval architecture, not machine or structure design. Can anyone assist or provide me links to tutorials to model a hull in ProEngineer? or maybe in Catia?
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    I know that it's possible to draw hull in ProE or Catia, but I have no idea how it will be done ... You can download Maxsurf Academic from here. It's free version, and there are many video tutorials. I become good enough to make complete ship hulls in three days. So if you have 1-2 days available you will make really good shape. Keep in mind that Maxsurf creates NURB surface, which you could be imported directly in Ansys.
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    Download freeship generate the surfaces in that, you will probably find something similar to what you want already defined. It's always best to use software made for the job for the first part.
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    Hull model in Pro/E

    I've used Pro/E since 1989 and Pro/D since 2001. My entire vessel (and, subsequently, all my customers') have been 100% PTC solid-modeled before we even THINK about starting construction. Lofting is the key command. You will need cross-sections of several stations along the LOA. It's not difficult ... just tedious. I'd be glad to assist if so desired.
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    i'm a marine engg student and i have been assigned a task to design ship's hull on proe/catia etc....i need help for that...any tutorial file/ebook link will work.plz
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    zeroname Naval Architect

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    ansys can import msd file directly ?
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