How to Design Planing Hulls

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    How to Design Planing Hulls
    Basic principles underlying performance of successful high-speed V-bottom boats, and methods of applying these principles in the design of a modern planing hull
    By Jim Stoltz
    Joseph G. Koelbel, Jr
    and John Dl. Beinert
    Volume 49 Motor Boating Ideal Series
    Published by Motor Boating, The Hearst Corporation 1963​

    An 88 page monograph of eleven articles which previously appeared in Motor Boating magazine. While I wouldn't confuse the articles with "scholarly" publications most of the articles are considerably more technical than anything I've seen in recent boating magazines. Given the 1963 publication date for the monograph and dates on some of the articles dating back to the mid-1950's the information predates Savitsky's publication in 1964 of his planing theory, though I did notice a reference to one of Savitsky's earlier publications.
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    is this article available on the INTERNET somewhere?
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