How to calculate the scantling of crane fundation?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Brian.Lin, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Dear All,

    Does anyone can tell me how to calculate the structural scantling of crane fundation?

    I want to know how to decide the thickness of insert plate, stiffener scantling under the insert plate, insert plate size, stiffener arrangement...etc.

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    Becuase you asked the question, I will assume you haven't had any structural engineering courses. In that case, you go take a structural engineering course, learn how to calculate stress, strain, and moment distribution, become familiar with Roarkes, FEA, the Steel Construction Manual, AWS, SD&C, and classification society requirements. This will prepare you to handle the next part.

    Well, this is dependent upon the underlying ship structure and operational sceaniros. After completing the above education, you need to spend a few years under a senior engineer to learn how to calculate the reserve strength in the local area and how to effectively add reinforcement. Once you can do that, it is just a matter of applying experience and first principles to the 20 or so load cases to ensure the the classification society FOS are met.

    Really, there is no easy answer for what you ask and you have shown nowhere near enough information for anyone to even comtimplate an answer. Unless this is a simplistic university class assignment, in which case I will point you to the texts, this is the type of problem best left to experienced professionals, as a wrong answer will kill people.
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    Well put :)

  4. Brian.Lin
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    much appreciation for your suggestion
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