How to build/where to get marine dash?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Brylk1830, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    I recently submitted a post about replacing the floor on my aluminum fishing boat and I just have a few questions relating to the dash before I get everything started.
    In the process of taking off the old floor I decided to take out the previous wiring to the dash as well. In order to get easy access to the fuse panel I drilled the the rivets and removed most of the aluminum structure that supported my plastic dash and now i'm wondering how I could go about replacing the old aluminum struture and where I could get a new marine dash?
    I'm thinking I could either rivet the old aluminum back into place and paint it or perhaps I could just take of the rest of the aluminum and buy some sort of plastic supports along with a new dash?
    I uploaded some pictures to create a visual and because when I looked at how the steering wheel is attached I became curious if I can simply unscrew the bolts on that metal rod and simply pull the steering wheel off as I redo the dash or if it's more complicated than that?
    Thanks a lot for any help, all comments are appreciated!

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    When I rebuilt my flybridge and its helm, I looked all over for a replacement dash. Then I figured it out: I went a local plastic place and took the old dash for them to trace (gauge holes and all). They replicated the dash including the bend you see below in an attractive blue lexan. It was only $30 and all I had to do is screw it into place and set the gauges.

    Tony in Sw FL
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