How to become a boat designer

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by dmw_66, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Yes, we probably have. But maybe we are doing him a favor.
    He will earn much more money and have more chicks if he chooses to become a footbal player. :D
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    You are probably right on that...
    I am sure he will return when the fear
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    I think your first priority should be to go out and get a lot of experience in the type of boats you plan to design. There are already too many 'World Famous" designers who's hands on experience in building , sailing and maintaining the type of boats they are designing is absolutly minimal if anything.. Do us all a favor,get out there. Then build a couple of boats with your own hands.
    There is a good book out on ofshore hitchiking.
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    Very nice article, Eric. I had read that one a few years ago.... I think you hit the nail on the head. Remind me to buy a copy of I want to build a boat, but I don’t have any money when you get it written.

    I might add, DMW, that the big money in the boating industry right now seems to come from finding ways to cut down on fuel and maintenance costs for big ships.... an 800' freighter costs more to run for a day than most NAs will make in two years. Those owners can afford to invest much more in design and engineering than typical yacht buyers can, simply because the potential cost savings are even larger.
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    g,day Eric G, day Matty
    nice article
    I could not be one, I prefer to tell the designer exactly what i want, what I know works I found my limitations, and a pc and all the software in the world will never make me a yacht designer
    I sit down with him, and say, things like,"deeper finer entry" and less beam aft,
    When I am happy with the lines,
    I take over the deal, i do all the structure and engineering cos that is what i know I once asked the Dubois office and the Farr office , if had then design me a boat, could I do the structure, they were happy for me to do this as long as they signed it off Often designers can not see things the builder can see, often the builder can see easier or less labour intensive ways
    I would tend to disagree about ALL boats having a short lifespan
    For instance as a kid I admired Morag Mhyor, a alloy motorsailerbuilt in 56, I saw her on the hard in St Maartin, as good as new, ( and fell out of love)and I firmly believe that if an alloy boat was was treated well(no electrolysis due to disimlar metals) she would last for centurys i once built in steel, i had a pile of offcuts which I left in the pine trees on our farm, 15 years later they had turned to rust dust, nothing left, , also there was a cut out from a deck , of an alloy yacht, it was same as the day i left it there, pines are very acidic I spose,
    i went up to St A few years back, meet a broker, , know the history of the town
    just read your article through, you certainly put a lot of effort there
    And it made me smile, same with building, I had to build a spec yacht to start with, and then i had something to SHOW people
    As you said, sometimes it took years after the first visit, before a contract was actually signed
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    I am not sure of the best way to be a designer. I know I wake up every morning and drive a relaxing drive to a job doing what I love, creating lines from nothing more than a thought. However you get there is up to you. If someone loves something to the level of doing whatever it takes just to start, there will be a reward no matter what. But to do it and not be concerned with the wealth, or lack there of, is both insane and necessity. Few are the men, or women, who ever become rich. Be happy with a living.

    But at the end of the day, stepping back and looking at a beatiful, crisp, fair line that I drew or tooled by my own hand makes it worth it to me. I may call myself a designer, but I do it as an attempt at art.

    I'm an idealist!:p :p
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    No you didn't scare me, I think it is a very fun way to keep myself busy or learn something new. Thank you all for the tips and I will keep you posted. I do have to feed my family so I am worried about not having money since the economy is bad. I am about to get out of the Marine Corps. I have to focus on one thing so I will let you know what happens. Thanks to all who replied
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    Mr. Sponberg I did read your article it was great. I figured that was the way things were. I will have a goal for myself now and I will work hard to get there. Maybe one day you will know my name.
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    Well if anyone knows anybody who is looking for a hard working individual to help them with boats and is willing to teach let me know. I would love to learn. I am looking in the Portland Oregon area. Thanks.

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    Marry the ugly rich girl who thinks that you are really smart...

    You will be OK...

    Naval Architecture is post Graduate at UBC after four years of Mechanical Engineering - big boats...

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