How to Add a Keel in MaxSurf?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Igor Tchouiko, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    Its great to know that this site exists, I'm sure I'll be an active member for the rest of my life now. I am a first term Ocean and Naval Architecture student studying engineering at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada.

    For my first design project I am designing a ice strengthened sailing yacht for marine research.

    I have the hull completed but I want to add a keel in MaxSurf, preferably a thin keel that can be retracted into the hull. As well I would like a folding rudder.

    Any advice on how to design and add these two features onto my existing model?
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    You need to create a new surface, independent of the hull, and then trim it with the surface of the hull. It can be a simple vertical plane because Maxsurf will close its bow and stern edges.
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