How should I start (hull design for catamaran)

Discussion in 'Stability' started by justinDesign, Oct 3, 2007.

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    I am new to boat design and have a few questions. First let me inform you on my design. I am designing a small fishing vessel that is meant to be used in hazardous conditions like low water and debris laden water. The vessel is meant to be a catamaran and be approximately 12’ by 5’. The vessel is designed for two occupants that will be seated in the individual hulls while underway; this means that the hulls must be at least 20” in depth. This vessel is meant to be powered by an outboard surface drive so there is the possibility of speeds up to 30mph.


    Hull material:
    Due to debris I wish to make the hull of aluminum or stainless but am open to the possibility of using fiberglass or roto-molded providing they can meet my criteria.

    Hull design:
    I have never designed a hull before and can only assume that making a cat hull is even harder. The good news is that I am very familiar with Rhino and if any advice can be given in this area I can most likely understand. I would really appreciate any tutorials or some 3dm files of cats that I may pull up in Rhino and reference.

    Other questions:
    How important are chin lines/splash guards (not sure if right terms) on a hull and if I do need them do I have to have them on the inside and outside of the hulls or just the outside edge.

    Any recommendations/files/websites are appreciated.
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    Hi Justin.
    I suggest you bring this thread to the Boat Design one. You will get more help there, I think.
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