How much detail?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Willallison, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Looking at the amazing images, posted in partcular by Dim, like this , I'm left wondering just how much detail you pros generally include in a design. Would it be considered normal for those who do full 3D CAD models of their designs - indeed those who still do it with pencil and paper, to go to this extent?
    So, tell me - just how far do you go?;)
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    As much as the client is willing to pay for, or just enough to sell it to him.:D
  3. Dim
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    Dim Senior Member

    You are completely right.

    all is determined by that purpose, which faces to you. And only by it. I more well understand, how there is some more unknown for me after I end job above the next model. It's just evolution.


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    It all depends on the client. one will say "put a hole in that bulkhead for a door, but don't specify anything coz I'm gonna grab one off the scrapheap", while the next will say "design me a special custom door for that hole so I can show it off to my friends."
    It all depends.....
    For 3D models like the ones in my gallery, it depends on the size of the boat. Small boats get more detail because you are "closer" to them in the renderng.
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