How many people have been caught in a close down of a company ??

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by tunnels, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Yet another point of congruence with boat building..... how are the kayaks going this week or is that a question in poor taste :) Probably like the time estimate for fitting diesel tanks I expect.

    Agree with PAR, too. Most businesses fail.

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    hahaha - you really know how to hurt a guy :)

    On the subject of failed business - I was shocked to hear that 75% of small business in Australia, fail after 3 years.

    Then I found out why - after three years, if you haven't made a profit, you cant write business losses off your income any more.

    So, you close down the first business, and start another one - and keep your tax bill down for another three years.

    Add in the rogues who actually go bankrupt, to avoid paying for stuff they have bought - and bingo, you have the incentive to fail built into the system.
  3. tunnels

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    boat builders are never business people!!!business people can never be boat builders!

    its the love and the passion for the job thats the biggest problem .Boats are almost a art form , boats are a reflect of the desire of the builder to create something of great beauty .Some succeed some are just dreamers !! but if we didnt dream where would we be today ?? still standing at the side of a river watching the logs float by and saying ummmmmmm!
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    The boatbuilder, nay, but his customer, yay, was taxed dearly on so-called luxury items.

    And it wasn't just in Florida.

    I do not mean that is the only factor, but it is one important one.
  5. tazmann
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    That is/would be a big one here in this state of California 10% luxury, 8% sales tax another 1% appraised value tax annually to the county it is in then add in slip fee's, insurance and you haven't even used it yet
    Kinda puts the regular working folks and long term financing out of the picture
    And they call this the land of the free but you sure have to pay out a lot of $ to have the freedom to do or buy what you want
    I don't think you could ever fire up a boat building company here and be legal between the EPA , air resource board, water board . pretty much everything in boat building would be considered " hazard" then you have Osha on top of that.
    A good friend of mine was the Hunter sail boat dealer in this area, small one man show with low overhead and when the economy went south he couldn't sell enough to eat , got real sad when he tried to liquidate his inventory of small boats at cost or even a little below
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    Morbid. Making a living out of the dead.

    But seriously, the directors of our company contemplated on making fiberglass caskets when our boatbuilding yard was keeling over. After all, our next door neighbor is making FG caskets, doing good business and their biggest client is Australia.

    Well, to make the long story short, the boatbuilding company I was working on "died" and we did not end up manufacturing caskets. Those directors, they think only of making money.
  7. Paul B

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    Well, we boaters expect the gov't to dredge/maintain the harbors, provide navigation aids, and man search/rescue operations. Someone has to pay for that, right?

    I guess folks like Wyliecat, Schock, Dencho, Westerly, etc didn't get the talking points memo on that.
  8. tazmann
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    All I can say there is try it today and see
  9. Paul B

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    Some might say that for far too many years we boaters were living off the system and not paying enough in. Once we are expected to pay our fair share we (wealthy boaters) whine about it.

    Don't get this argument. All the builders I listed must meet every hurdle you mention, just as if they were a new company. Two of the four I mentioned have moved their facilities in the past few years as well, basically making them get every permit any new company would need.

    Some might think all these regulations are "unfair" and "hostile to business". What they do is prevent companies from contaminating local ground water with heavy metals and chemicals, among other things.

    I'm sure there are some who look back fondly on the days when you could dump whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted. Boatbuilders are so small they will never create a supersite, but they can be micro versions of things like the Ford paint dumping sites.
  10. hoytedow
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    What a load of cr@p. People who boat are generally overtaxed on their earnings before they ever take what is left over and buy a boat with it. And then they are taxed again when they spend most of what is left of their hard earned money on a boat. They tax us at every turn; even after we die. How many farms for instance had to be broken up thereby depriving a family of their traditional income just to pay a death(euphemistically called and estate) tax?
  11. Paul B

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    Well, I have a pleasure boat. I use a harbor that was built using tax dollars. It is periodically dredged using tax dollars. It hae navigation aids that are purchased and maintained with tax dollars. It is policed by Coast Guardsmen whose salaries and equipment are paid for by tax dollars.

    The guy who does my gardening pays his taxes. He will never use these boating facilities. The faclilities don't perform any "public good" like schools. They exist only to give wealthy people a place for a waterfront home, their yacht clubs, and marinas to keep their pleasure craft. So why shouldn't the wealthy boatowner pay a bit more to help offset these costs?

    I don't know. How many farms have been broken up for this reason? What does this have to do with the topic? Are you saying people don't start boatbuilding businesses because when they die their heirs will have to pay "estate taxes"?

    Not to stray off topic, but how many tobacco farmers receive gov't assistance so they can produce a product that only ends up costing we taxpayers even more money in health care costs after the product ruins people's health? That sure sounds like a lose/lose situation for me, the taxpayer.
  12. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    Paul B, your statements sound like those from a government worker.
  13. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    time travel and find the individuals that invented tax's and send them into space !It should be what you earn is yours and if you dont choose to spend it its still yours .
    tax men should be the ones made to work and pay all the taxes . why not just dont have money and be done with it .
    Or we could all work for the state and let the state look after us at there exspence food ,cloths ,new car ,new house, boat ,trips abroard every year and so on and so on all on the state a bottomless pit of money !!:eek:.
  14. Paul B

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    Not me. Never worked for any gov't in any way. I've worked for many types of companies, from start ups to Fortune 200, from privately held to corporate with stockholders to please. I even worked for a private university at one time (while I was a student there), but never at the public university when I was a student there.

    You have not answered my question regarding the number of family farms lost due to "estate taxes". Why is that? Can you give an estimate? I'm sure 2012 data is not available, probably not 2011 either, but there must be some data you are working from.
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  15. Paul B

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    I wonder how your taxless utopia would pay for things like the roadways, defence, and other necessary infrastructure, let alone our pleasureboat marinas?
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