How good are the digital fluxgate compasses?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by pdwiley, Jun 30, 2014.

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    pdwiley Senior Member

    I notice a number of digital compasses on the market these days. Here's an example on eBay:

    And another:

    Does anyone have one, or something similar? Have these things got to the point where they can effectively replace a magnetic compass? With a steel boat, I'm all too aware of the hassles of compass corrections etc and if I can do so, I'd like to avoid the entire problem.

  2. jehardiman
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    You get what you pay for and some of the more pricey ones are pretty good. That said, you still have the correction issues and then there is the whole power cleanliness issue. YPYMATYC.
  3. BMcF
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    We've used the KVH units on a number of projects and have had no issues with either the reliability or the accuracy.

    As long as you are very careful to follow the compensation procedure after installing the compass, the resulting accuracy is darned good and as advertised.
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