How far out?

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    if I remember Alfred was a great king
    also if I remember his father was Ethelred the unready
    who not realizing the Danes had no central government paid one group of marauding Danes only to have the rest find out and want some to

    my boat is going to be a warren of hidden cabinets with push release openers just like Ive built into so many of the nicer houses Ive done

    basically by each door there should be a hidden weapon
    something anyone in the home not just can but knows well how to handle
    everyone on the boat should know were the weapons are be practiced and proficient with em ( a decent shot and knows how not to shoot me accidentally )
    you dont need to be Rambo to fight for your life
    you just need to be pissed off

    its readily apparent that if you depend on the mercy of pirates
    you just may find yourself with your throat slit
    and thrown overboard
    case in point

    and my condolences to the family again
    I dont mean to belittle the loss
    just learn from it


    I live with a very beautiful
    very slight woman
    who is very well armed
    as am I
    between the two of us
    a thief would do well not to get caught
    and better to not even try

    to each his own
    defend your self or not

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