How does the solar power work in yacht?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Laranjo123, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Laranjo123

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    I'd like to know how it generates it's power through sunlight. And how it delivers the power , convertion etc.....
  2. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Hi Laranjo,
    Photo-voltaic panels and are placed to catch the most direct sunlight and so as not to be in the shade of mast, sails or rigging as this will severely restrict the capacity of the panels to convert sunlight to electricity...

    I used 175watt 24 volt DC (nominal) panels, 8 units wired in parallel and thence to a Plasmatronics PL60 regulator to deliver the appropriate voltage and amp level to best charge the type of "lead/acid" batteries installed and programmed into the regulator (as all batteries require different types of charging regimes)... I may install another 5 panels at a later time (Presently that size PV panel is around Au$600 each and weigh about 15kg each...

    I have 2 banks or 6 volt AGM batteries that give me 24 volts and 220AmpHours on full charge for "house uses"... House being non-ships services and in my case delivers mains voltage to run refrigerator, freezer, washing-machine, lots of galley appliances, some internal lighting, a couple of computers, charge batteries for cell-phone, cameras and other power-tools & equipment... The batteries are VERY expensive and weigh 36kg each... A better choice would have been to use 2 volt cells as there certain problems to do with management of the charge and discharge of the banks of batteries...

    Mains voltage is supplied from a 4000 watt inverter... The inverter weighs about 40kg and cost around Au$4000...
  3. Laranjo123

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    Thank you bro for helping out. Lols i need this because me and my friend was assigned to report this hehe...thanks again.
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    What school?
  5. Laranjo123

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    UPHSD philippines
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    It works very well, I don't need AC battery charges. I have 2 panel 180watt units similar to Masalai and it charges my batteries all the time. I use it for Bilge Pumps, water pumps, emergency led lighting, navigation, radio etc... But stay away from powering the boat with it. You still need the old Internal Combustion engine to move the boat around at any speed, and of course to charge battery when you over do it. I have inverters for needed AC power, but I always kept my boat on a tight electrical budget. I can run everything except AC, heaters or irons without the generators.
  7. BPL
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    Thanks for the info on your school.

    Maybe after you've submitted your paper and received your mark, you can share some of your research :)

  8. Laranjo123

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    Your welcome sir ^__^
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