How does he do it? Dashew's new 77 foot powerboat cheaper to run than Beowulf.

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by timothy22, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Calm down, no need to use foul language.

    I live in a house and have the MacGregor yacht as a hobby. When I am not out cruising I am maintaining the yacht and enjoy it very much. It is peaceful and keeps the brain active. I do tell interested people that if you are going to own a 65 sailboat you better love it as general maintenance is ongoing.

    You implied that I should stay off the water, well I certainly would be off the water if I hired you for maintenance.

    Wishing you well.
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    Micheal, you need to calm down the insults. My statement you took offense to is fact.

    The fact YOU do all these things is irrelevant to the majority of the cruising world doing it in smaller yachts crewed by 2 people on an average wage. They do not care about your opinions and will continue to perform maintenance when needed and not by your schedule. They don't care if this "wont work with you" as they don't want you near their boat.

    Call them gypsies, call their boats junk, tell them they should be off the water and gloat on your experience, but the facts will remain facts and people can sail still sail the world safely on an average wage.

  3. MikeJohns
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    My 45 footer costs around $1000 to haulout and antifoul each two years. My mooring costs $80 a year and I don't have insurance any more. If I did it would be another $1000 a year.

    Sails are cheap from SE asia. Rolly Tasker sails in Thailand just made a suite of sails for under $10k for a 65 foot ketch moored next to me. Yankee staysail main and Mizzen in 10 and 12 oz top quality material and great workmanship.

    Seems prices are probably a lot cheaper away from the Med ?

    I have a 65 footer too, but I've only had that for a year so I cannot comment much on that yet but prices will be about double the 45 footer.
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