How difficult to convert this engine to variable speed?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Homefront, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I'm not looking for someone else's cheap headache. I don't want a diesel guzzling monster with a "possible bent rod" and the potential cornucopia of other headaches that usually come with a boat of that vintage. I don't want a planing hull, because a planing hull in the length range I want will use a lot of fuel. I also mentioned "trailerable"; that boat you found is either in a slip at Tommy's Marina or behind a house with a dock, neither of which I care to pay for.

    Again, the goal is a trailerable, seaworthy hull design that can be driven economically, in the size range of 20 - 24', that I will build. I've presented a few ideas and welcome others.
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    Homefront. The boat I referenced in my post was an example, not intended to be a remedy. I just happen to agree with Richard about second hand boats. If you really desire to build, look to what the comercial fisherman in your area are using. I spent many an hour in the Gulf Stream off the coast of North Carolina. I learned that safety, stability, and comfort are crucial. Even if you plan to fish within sight of land and are comitted to building. It is better to enjoy a day of fishing than having to endure it. Since economical, low powered, and trailerable are your parameters, I would look to the New England style lobster boats.
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    Good boats Fred, I agree.

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    I catch your drift... the things you mention are high priorities.


    I like the suggestion. That Oyster Cracker looks a lot like Atkin's Rescue Minor.

    I started this thread questioning the suitability of a small motor I found, if it were installed in Atkin's Sallie Hyde, another hull with the Seabright upright garboard but without the tunnel.

    We seem to be the right track. ;)
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