how can I make a canoe stable ?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by yaasaay, Aug 19, 2011.

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    you mean I don't need to made this


    just the method of sit

    thank you
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  3. rwatson
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    Ysay, also bear in mind that you can vary the technique.

    It is easier to paddle the higher up you sit, but more stable the lower you sit.

    If the water is smooth, and the wind is light, you can both sit up on the seats and paddle. - its more comfortable.

    If the water is moving a bit, and the wind is a little pushy, you can both kneel and paddle.

    If you get caught out in open waters in a big wind, get your wife to lie down in the boat, while you kneel and paddle.

    If you get blown out to sea, you both lie down on the bottom of the boat and pray.

    Experiment a bit - and you will get more confidence and understand when to use the different styles.
  4. Land Lubber
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    Cut some large pool noodles in half and lash them to gunwales!
  5. alan white
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    Why do you say you "finished" that boat? What did you do to it?
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    When I read the thread title my first thought was that I kept my canoes on a trailer, but that if someone really wants to keep them in a stable, it wouldn't be that hard to build one.

  7. Submarine Tom

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    If you put them in the garden, fill them with flowers and soil, they're usually exceptionally stable.

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