How can I build canoe mold?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by supremacy13, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I was wonder what kind of supplies do I need to make a canoe mold? I have knowledge of fiberglass,woven, etc since I worked for Chaparral Boats as a part of R & D team for 7 years...I did not learn on how to make molding but I am sure that I can build one but I do not know where to start with and what supplies?

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    Strip building, I presume?

    For molds I would use 1/4" MDF, reinforced with cheap 1x2 or 1x3 solid wood stock, common at lumber yards.

    Just use your table of offsets (or sectional diagrams) to plot the shape of each station mold (full width) on the sheet MDF. Cut it to shape with a jig saw, reinforce it with 1x2 material (Elmer's Glue and drywall screws) leaving the 1x2 about 1/2" short of the edges of the MFD.

    Set these molds up on a building platform, braced to the correct elevations and distances from one another.

    Wax the edges well so nothing sticks.

    Here's some good reference material:

    Then again Bryan, you may mean that you want to make a "plug", or male mold to reproduce multiple glass hulls on, in which case I'm out of my depth....
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    Do you wish to build one boat or is your aim to build a fleet of them. A mold for multiple hulls is one thing and a Mould for one boat is quite a different animal. Note difference in spelling.
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