How can an American buy a CHEAP house in 3rd World?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Squidly-Diddly, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Frosty

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    Thats the thing about racism, its a point of view.

    If I go the the toilet in Glasgow I will no doubt be called names , but if a meet the same Glaswegian in Spain we would be big buddies.

    I am English and he is Scottish but in Spain we are both British.

    Pissing on another American is not pissing on another race so where would racism come into it.
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    Defiling the dead, even enemies, is barbaric and not countenanced with but few exceptions. Itallians defiling Musolinis copse may have some justification.
    The marines who pissed on the Afghan are un-excusable. Stupid too! First, know your enemy! If they really had wanted to cause the deadman more grief, putting a bit of ham in his mouth for rigor mortis to lock there, might have reduced the number of virgin boys or girls he was allotted in muslim heaven.
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    Here's a wild and crazy thought for some of the bashers: maybe every single interaction between Americans and people in other parts of the world isn't race-based.

    Those soldiers didn't pee on the Taliban corpses because of their race; they did it because they were enemies who had been trying to kill the soldiers, and wound up in second place instead. Although on a totally different scale, it's the same impulse that makes a motorist flip off another one after he beats him to a parking spot -- especially if the other motorist was being rude and trying to crowd in out of turn.
  4. Yobarnacle
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    Racism still exists in the US. Truthfully I don't know if it's improving % wise, staying the same, or getting worse.
    Seems a dishonorable thing to do, defiling an enemies corpse. I disapprove.
    Killing the enemy is a soldiers duty. Peeing on the corpse? Nah!
  5. pdwiley
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    ********. You might find some people who think like that, in fact I used to know some of them. Vast majority don't, however.

    Fact is, most aborigines are so well integrated into general society that there's no way of visually picking them out. Far north Australia is about the only exception.

    You're talking about my neighbours and they're good people to have as neighbours, they help me and I help them. No difference.

    I don't comment on South Africa because I know it's complex and my knowledge is inadequate. I suggest that you do the same WRT Australia.

    Concerning the original topic, I've lived in a number of countries including the USA. Australia is the best combination of 1st World living conditions and minimal hassles. One of the ways we keep it like that is by restricting immigration so if you haven't got a lot of money or skills in demand, forget it. It's also very, very expensive for real estate compared to current depressed US prices.

    I hear from a friend of mine that South Carolina swamp is pretty cheap....

  6. Wynand N
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    Difference is that I'd been to Australia and spent total of 9 weeks there in two stints and you probably did not visited South Africa yet...;)

    However, I nearly emigrated to OZ and would have either settled in Perth or Darwin as second choice but circumstances prevented the move. Maybe it would surprise you that Australia is the country of choice for the vast majority of whites leaving SA and there must be a very good reason for that. You figure that one out. I would say that at least 20% of Perth are ex South Africans - btw, New Zealand is the second choice for SA immigrants. Do I make a connection here?

    Sorry if my remark gave insult but you also admit in your first sentence that some Aussies echo's my sentiments/facts.....

    Ps: No need to go into a pissing contest over this - rugby or cricket is more worth the effort:D

  7. Frosty

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    I did post earlier on this but it seems to have gone un noticed. The pissing was to de humanize the enemy for those having trouble with killing. If you think killing is in anyway easy your very wrong and sociable young men although trained to do so have mental trouble with it.

    Pissing on the corpse was neither revenge or racism but for the benefit of the soldiers.

    I also said before don't train a man then send him to war then judge his killing.

    This is nothing compared to **** or gang **** which is another thing altogether.

    By the way, I Know now what ships are in Pattaya in leam Chabang I am not releasing secrets as it was in the pattaya Mail today. The ships Abraham Lincoln and the Nimitz were reported to be here for 5 days 10 days ago.
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