How big shoud be lead for cruising catamarans??

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Vace, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Vace
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    Vace New Member

    How big shoud be lead for cruising catamarans?? :confused:
  2. NiklasL
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    NiklasL Student member

    Metal or speed?

    Do you mean how fast a cruising catamaran is compared to cruising keel-boats?
  3. brian eiland
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    For cruising cats that are not sailing with one hull lifted free of the water, you need almost zero 'lead'. The requirement for lead was a result of the heel of the monohull and what this did to misalign the centers of force.

  4. SailDesign
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    It all depends on whether you have daggerboards or "keels". If only the leeward foil is in the water, then it becomes pretty much the same as if you were flying a hull. If there are keels (skegs, whatever...) then it become similar to a monhull.
    In fact, it is not only the heel that determines the lead, but the length of the boom and the foot of the headsail which place the CE outboard when upright.

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