Hovercraft as a Teaching Tool

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    Hoverclub of America's June, 24, 2005 symposium "Hovercraft as a Teaching Tool"

    Home page:

    Teaching & Classroom Symposium:

    A few years ago I heard some of the Hoverclub members saying they were looking to change the standard "wood based" beginner high school hovercraft project. The reason for this is that the waterproofing fiberglass resin would get on the flesh and clothes of the kids. The kids would say, no problem my mom can get anything out of my clothes - this brought on a big laugh, as anyone who has worked with resin will tell you.

    Getting money for the project is one problem; another is finding instructors willing to take on such a project.

    I'm imagining that it's a little easier to build a simple hovercraft than a boat with compound curves. Add to that the hovercraft cannot sink if built with the proper foam. And the hovercraft can be tested on a grass field on or near school grounds - nobody will drown.

    I assume canoes and kayaks are popular projects - no engine.

    I assume many of the boat building materials are similar to hovercraft construction.

    I assume nobody wants to deal with the FAA on building an aircraft, but wants a challenge just the same.

    I am not an expert on the High School building workshop/program. However this year the club seems to of attracted some big sponsors, which could mean new opportunities.

    Check it out. Cheers George/kach22i.
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