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    Hi i have asked this question before approx 6 months ago and still have had limited sucess in finding infomation on a pontoon or cat style house boat. As i stated before this will be moored and used on calm inland river systems and only needs to cruise at 5-7 knotts size 12-15 meters long 6-8 meters wide. I am looking at 2 options so far the first is steel hexogon type pontoon this info and planes i recived from this forum when first posted this thread the second i have had limited info on fiberglass cat style houseboat (remember its only for river use). Due to the fact i have my own fiberglass chopper / gelcoat gun i am searching for planes that i can build myself any info wuld be appreciated. Also my father is wanting to build a house boat but one styled like a paddle steamer but using todays technology. All help appreciated.
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    This place used to have a bunch of construction photos online for the ECO 50 model that pretty much showed how it was built using lumberyard 2x4's and 2x6's and treated plywood with a fiberglass covering. E-mail them and they might e-mail them to you.
    I suppose since you're from Australia, your father wants to make a sidewheeler. There's not many of those in the US, most here are sternwheelers. Here's a site for the US...
    and one for Australia...

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    i think the mark twain houseboat wiould be ideal. plans from glel l , they come 27.30,40 feet x 10,14'. or there is the super huck too, but i like the mark twian 40'. the good thing is that you only fibregass/ resin the pontoon bits in the water and the rest is ply and wood construction so you save a lot of money by using a lot less resin. about thirty gallons in fact.

    here is the link to the site,
    look under houseboat section from the catologue.

    good luck.
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    I have a set of plans for the Mark Twain---40' X 14'. E-mail a mailing address to and I'll send them to you gratis. I'll never use them.

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    Ted and Mark ----need replies

    Hi Ted,

    I sent a couple of e-mails but got no response. Call me at Cingular cell # 225-485-7263.

    My bro-in-law says I should look at your barge.

    And Mark, I sent you a message too. I need your last name before I mail the plans. Or will you get the packet if I just address it to "Box Holder"?

    Also, Google "Brandy Bar" for info about a 25' X 10' houseboat built with simple framing and plywood.

    Then Google Sandilee. Sandi and Lee Freeman modified the Mark Twain plan and built a 48' X 14' Riverboat style two-story version of it. There's a website that shows their building procedures and it has some good building tips.

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