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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gdk312, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Cheap fuel burn is almost ALL speed related.

    An efficient displacement boat (think sail boat hull) takes very little power to go at modest speed .

    That is NOT >hull speed< , but 1 or 2 K slower. The difference in a 8K hull speed cruise and a 6K can be 1/2 or less the fuel at the slow speed.

    Displacement is what you need for a retirement traveling home , as stuff collects , and accumulates over the years.

    It takes about 2 hp per ton (2240lbs) to cruise at modest speed . 3HP per ton if you like making wakes as you go.

    The Sq Rt of the waterline in feet as Knots thru the water is cheap,,,, faster costs more , sometimes MUCH more.

    50 ft of waterline is 7K or less on the cheap cruise

    You want the longest boat you can easily own , as wide as they will allow, for stuff.

    Skinney will go only a bit faster for the same fuel, but will carry less stuff.

    The displacement may be high , so what? an extra 10,000 lbs is under 4 tons so will require an extra 8 Hp , 1/2 to 1/3 of a gallon per hour to bring everything with you.

    There are many used boats that will cost 1/2 to 1/5 of a custom build , regardless of how skilled you are in welding , GRP , or woodworking.

    A 50 ft boat is also a 3 or 4+ year project for an individual, 6-8 months with a skilled boat yard , recreating an existing boat they already built.

    A Naval Architect will usually charge 5% to 10% of the value of the finished boat.

    Of course the NA envisions a super grade yacht , so the fees will be high , regardless of how cheaply you tell him you can build your first boat.


    And will be back for drawings for the engine mounts, electrical system , fuel tank hookup and all the build items not covered in the building plans.

    For a concept of build costs , look to find what just the windows for your boat will cost.

    Or the windlass and a few anchors.

    The barges are seldom as tall as your dream boat seems to be.

    Make sure the air draft will not require dis assembly to get under most bridges.
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    Recently I have noticed the many commercial fishing trawlers up for sale in and around the Gulf states since the big oil spill offshore a few years ago...the price of these hulls are very interesting and I wonder if these might be a good start of a live board. the hull type is great for high seas and low fuel burn but not so great for shallow waters. Then there are the shallow water shrimp boats with shallow drafts and even semi tunnels to protect running gear like the Lafitte Skiff design...Just one of my dreams... maybe a 50' and turn the hull fish hold into a dreamy master suite???
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    These commercial boats you mention aren't especially efficient, though not bad for a boat's intended to drag around several tons of fish or seafood and it's related gear. Lastly, I've done a few conversions on ex-fishing vessels and I don't care what you use, the fish smell never goes away, unless you gut the boat and replace every inch of everything.
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    a fine overview. I am wondering if you have some good rules of thumb about operating costs. Your advice is to go big for space, but maintenance and docking costs are proportional. Long is the way to go for efficient speed, but wide is the ticket for cheap volume at dock.

    Buy used is a much lower sticker, but at some point in a repair you will think "why didn't I just build a new boat and avoid all this work?".

    My personal opinion is that the great value is in learning to live lighter and smaller. Richard's cats are a great example.
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