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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Matt.D, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Hi everyone, here's some more pics of my boat

    17m in length
    7m wide
    3 bed
    2 bathroom
    power 2x 60 merc bigfoots
    3 kw bow thruster
    twin helm
    1200 lt frest water
    800 lt waste water
    retracktable swim deck

    The hulls r 4mm spirel welded steel. ( the steel comes in a roll 1.2 mt wide then feed into a machine that weds it into a pipe 1.2mt in dia.)

    Super structure is 150x50 mm gal box round the outside, then 100x50mm spans across the center evey 2.4 mt then 100x50 box joins these every 1.2mt then 50x50mm gal angle spaning between these ever 600m.
    This will support a 2.4x1.2 sheet of 20mm ply. (Hope that makes sence)

    Walls r made form cold room panels.
    Internal walls r timber frame lined plaster board .

    Windows r made of laminated 20mm ply.

    Swim deck is pushed in and out with air rams.

    There r 2 sealed bulkheads making compartments fore and arft and a half bulkhead in the middle a builge pump in each compartment 4 in total.

    Any more questions , happy to help!

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    That is very very cool Matt. Thanks for sharing. Is this a full time livaboard or a family retreat?
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    Thank you!
    What application do the spiral tubes serve? Just pontoons or other uses? You then fabricate the nose & end pieces yourself from sheet steel?
    I'm not aware of a spiral tube machine here in the USA. It looks to be a economical way to make large tubes. Is it possible to adjust the diameter?
    Are the rolls galvinized steel? Otherwise how are the tubes protected from rust?
  4. Matt.D
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    Matt.D Junior Member

    I designed it for myself but ran out of cash half way thru so sold it. It is 23 squares so larger than most houses (thats including the to floor)

    Upstairs has bbq , davit, sunbeds , bar ,huge fridge , ice macheine, lounges and dining area.

    Ted. The pontoons hold fresh and waste water, mains pump. and also has infared cameras in each hull for peice of mind.

    Any place that makes steel pipes will use this method and most can make up to 1.5mt in dia.
    I had a boiler maker fit the end caps. the nose is just cut on a 45* angle.

    U cant use gal as (gal) only comes in sheet and only upto 3mm thick.
    The steel for these tubes come in a roll about 40mt in length ,the other problem is if u have ever welded gal, u cant very sucsesfully without grinding the gal of the steel as it splutters and and not good for a water proff weld!

    Upside is is that because its spiraled it is under tention so is about 8 and a half times stronger than just rolling sheets of steel. eg. when i cut the hatch out is sprung neally back to a flat sheet!

    As for rust aslong as its pained propely u wont have any trouble after all trawlers, tankers , cruise ships ,yachts r all steel and they dont rust away.

    U just have to make sure u prep the steel properly, as u can see in the phots i had nealy a mirror finish and the steel before priming it with a 2 pac marine primer than 3 coats for 2pac ultra tar made by Altex Marine Coatings. then 2 coats of anit foul.

    Dont runti on the rocks and u should b ok!

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  5. yipster
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    yipster designer

    looking good, well done, envy ya :)
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