House Boat for caribbean bay

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by charlesakeem, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Do you know of any feasible designs for a house boat.
    That can stay safely in Caribbean bays.
    I'm thinkiong big enough for a 2 maybe 4 people on vacation.
    Area is the island of tobago
  2. apex1

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    In short:


    Houseboat and Caribbean does not really go together.
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    Around here, "houseboat" refers to something that, most of the time, is essentially a Winnebago with pontoons. They are strictly calm-water craft and cannot be left out in high winds, nor can they be operated in seas much higher than their deck clearance (usually a foot or so).

    There are, however, quite a few options for liveaboard cruising boats that would offer the space you likely desire, with more seaworthy hull forms and sturdier construction.....
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    there is a company called bluewater yachts that makes the most seaworthy houseboat I am familure with (Note that most is a relative term however). I own the Mullinium 5800 from them, and while I would not consider it a true offshore vessel it is great for near costal cruising, and honestly the fuel savings between this and a comperable sized motor yacht pay for chartering an off shore fishing boat when I want to spend a week off shore.

    It may not have everything you would like (fuel storage is pretty puny at only 450 gallons, but it runs at about 25 gallons/hr/engine at a cruising speed of 16kn).
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