Hot coil??

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by JerryIkemire, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Posted earlier about my 350 suddenly stopping, without coughing or sputtering. Hard to start after that. Couple of ideas were obviuosly fuel supply problems, starvation etc. Somebody suggested fuel pump. Having eliminated all those suspects, a local guy said the coil is bad. Because it sits behind the block, next to the exhaust manifold, it reaches a certain temperature then quits. Needs to cool abit before working again. Is that feasable?!? I've always known an automotive coil to just poop out, not work "when the temp. is low enough". Before tossing more money at it I wanted to hear some experience talking.
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    Yes, they can behave this way, it is not uncommon. They are easy to test with a volt-olm meter (or take it to an automotive parts store, most can load test them for you).

    If this is the case, it will likely totally fail soon anyway. There are other eletronic parts that can do this too, it is not just the coil that can cause this.

    Good luck.
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