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    Decided to open up a thread where we can share some of our mis-adventures ...
    while cruising the forum I came across the " minor delamination thread and it remnded me of one of my mishaps-money wasted moments
    A couple of years ago I bought a small (16') plywood sloop rigged skiff, just to mess about the cove with. She looked to be in pretty good shape minor cosmetic stuff but basically sound with new sails, and the price was right. Showed up loaded it on my trailer and brought her home sanded off the old paint and the hull looked really good nice clear wood glass worked showed no issues. So far so good. After painting and varnishing and lots of pretty type work she went into the water (I have a small floating dock off my back yard, and decided to keep her there) first sail went well enough would have been great but she didn't point too well but still good enough for me.
    Two months later the bottom completely let go.... turns out the ply she was constructed from while it looked right and very nice was definitely not marine grade not a bad looking boat and sailed ok but for the lifespan definately not worth the $1,300 spent between purchase and refinishing.
    Another lesson learned the hard way ....
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    Epoxy glassed ply boat can be deceiving. I had to cut up a boat that I built some years ago. I did not know how bad it was until i started to repair it. Cheap exterior ply is better to be left to pickle in salt water, IMO. Funny they last very well if not sheathed, but always look a little ragged.

    As far as horror stories go, the one that comes to mind, is of my sister cleaning up my parents propriety by cutting up a 1958 18' Chris Craft, that had been stored for some years, but was in good shape. Och!
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    JLIMA crazed throttleman

    on that it had to have been like a cabinet grade ply it just disintegrated.... shame about that Chris to go that way

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