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    i am working on a assembly for speed cotrol of my pontoon boat i am currently making.. i got a 55 gal air compressor, about 50ft of hose, and hydraulic assembly ffrom an old john deere tractor and a small boat engine.. hp is somewhere in the 20's cant read due to label half way peeled.. my question is how would i use the materials to make an assembly to adjust speed from a control booth?
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    well you will end up with air/over Hydraulic. you need a small pneumatic cylinder with same stroke as your throttle travel, of a link to adjust the travel
    you need either 2 hyd cyls, like you have one then another like slave(truck clutch salve) OR you need an air valve and air cylinder, it may get complex if you mix the air, it can be done though
    I would prefer the hyd/hyd/ used to be common in the fifties, then cables , like morse took over
    best place for old hyd controls is the wrecked plane industry, , all the flaps, rudder, the lot were activated using just foot or hand pressure,( no pumps)small planes, sounds like fun
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