homemade electric outboard

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by bnhk88, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Also wanted to add that many power tools will also operate just fine on DC, rather than AC power. So for example, you can take a beefy angle grinder and run it on 24v battery power, which would probably spin it at an RPM more useful for a prop than 120v.
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    Doing your own is cool but doing a good job at the same time is better. Every post I see about using a cordless drill roles my eyes back in my head. You want efficient operation and long life? Drills do not have bearings that can handle this kind of load. Golf cart motors have been criticized for inefficient operation at low throttle. True, but I designed my own controller that utilizes two pwm circuits that greatly reduced that. Still not as good as a permanent magnet motor but 10hp for $450? I'll add an extra battery to compensate. You add cowlings for water protection and even a water jacket for cooling.

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    I have a 86 lb Min Kota and run an 8 x8 model aeroplane prop at 12v rather than 24...
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