home-made aluminum transom ?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by vampiresquirrel, May 24, 2011.

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    Just aquired a 16 foot orlando clipper. It is in good shape overall but kind
    of neglected cosmeticly. I have noticed that someone in its past has
    replaced the transom wood and appairently fiberglassed the wood just before
    they installed it as there is a pool of resin where it meets the hull on the inside. The edge of the pool is loose from the hull. There is a cap on top
    of the transom which I will try removing. I don't want this to be an area where water can lay in the delaminated area and work its evil over time.
    I just got a miller dynasty welder which welds aluminum well.
    Someone here mentioned they made an aluminum insert to go in there instead
    of wood. I was wondering if I could use an aluminum version of channel iron,
    maybe 6061 about 3/16 thick- make solid verticles and then cut and weld
    horizonals. Maybe a top and bottom horizonal not cut. Maybe weld in some
    1/8 sheet in the inward facing side where the motor clamps go.
    What would be a reasonable approach ??????? I am guessing the structural
    purpose here is to spread out the stresses from the motor's thrust and
    vibration across the whole back of the boat.
    Ideas ?
    Tim in Orlando
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    Would be better if you could post a picture or sketch of what you're proposing.

    However, I wouldn't recommend using 6061 if you're welding it and the weld is below the waterline or subjected to spray etc.
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