Hobie Hulls (buyer's remorse)

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Owly, Feb 22, 2020.

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    External stringers will work fine for structure.
    If they are not parallel to the water flow, you will see increased drag. If you are going to use fabric for the deck, make sure the gunnel stringers are bigger. The center longitudinal bulkhead and fabric will do almost nothing to prevent the hull hogging (bending up).
    Actually, with the hull skins, stringers, and transverse bulkheads, there is really no point in a vertical longitudinal bulkhead.

    Pictures please when you get there.

    PS: what did you find about how the inner skins/ foam are separated?
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    BlueBell "Whatever..."

    I was unable to read your post until I broke it down.
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    Every tried to weigh a dog? Its impossible to get them to get all fours on the scale or sit on the scale. So what you do is weigh yourself, then pickup the dog and hug him enough to prevent major movement, and subtract your weight from total.

    I expect same would work with 80lb cat hull.
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    The only weight (pun intended).
    I do the same with kayaks.

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    I apologize for making that last post inordinately long and wordy.

    I didn't say anything about a longitudinal bulkhead...... The idea was two or 3 lateral ones. The two primary ones where the beams attach. I don't expect very much immersion, and the stringers will begin well above the keel, so probably only one stringer.... outboard on one hull, will be immersed at a time.... There will be at least one longitudinal stringer for fabric support / appearance.

    There is a significant amount of separation between foam and skins...... not a huge amount, but enough to give large flexible areas....... more than like to think about trying to repair, nor do I see a practical repair solution. Stringers seem like the easiest solution.
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