Hobie 17 re-do

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by GOTTABSOMEWHERE, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I am heir to floats and beams from a HOBIE 17' soooooooooooo.......

    This looks like a great fishing, crabbing, snoozing platform.

    Is there any plans/designs/ideas of installing a "deck" where the tramp
    used to be ?

    I probably would use small motor or row out on the bay,

    See myself on a lawn chair, surrounded with crab traps.

    Any creative thoughts ? :?:
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    light conversion

    Keep it simple and light. The 17 hulls are cut down 18 hulls, and 18s make good pontoon boats. Several conversions were produced. You have to keep it light- about 450 lbs for you, crew and the platform and motor, max. That is about all the 17 hulls can support and still work well- or I have most of the parts to turn it back into a sailboat:) Hobie didn't sell very many, but they were a pretty nice cat. Bruce
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    Reminds me of these guys who cycled a couch to Prince Edward Island:


    The video version is best.

    If you look through the project log for Duckworksmagazine.com, you will see that several people have done the very thing you suggest.




    It is a little tough because building decks is the heaviest part of a boat, and there is a reason why they went with nets on the beach cats.

    I made a boat that was designed to be a 16' catamaran fishing boat, like a bass boat but low resistence. I think it worked out a lot better from a blank piece of paper. The Hobie doesn't really have the right departure point, but you can judge for yourself.

    Next step up for either of us would be this?


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    Hobie Parts ?


    I intend to be in Dallas GA week of May 13th................Where are your
    HOBIE PARTS at ...................maybe I can break loose and take a look.

    Only thing I might possibly need is tiller/rudder set-up & mast fittings.
    What do you have for sale ?
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