Hobie 14' & some stupid kid

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by okeydokey, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. okeydokey
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    okeydokey New Member

    Right, so I've had a hobie 14' in okay condition for 500$ I'd rather get some good fun out of it after having it for a few years.

    Has anybody put one of these on Ice? skis + skates for rudders? I know the beam is not quite wide enough for good stability

    I'm think about widening the beam a bit maybe or at the least adding wings to sit on, any recomendations?

    Also I don't have hobie 16' rig but would it fit on with a bit of fanagling? anybody done it?

    I've also got a wind surfer mast that I think would make a good bow sprit.

    I'm looking to make a memory here not be squimish about my boat.
  2. jorgepease
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    jorgepease Senior Member

    I'm sure it would work as kids living in the mideast we built similar contraptions and our rig was far from sophisticated, a pipe as I remember, yet we could easily do 30mph racing against minibikes in the desert. These landracers used bicycle wheels, the wipeouts were just as fun! On ice you should have even less resistance and a little wind will get you moving quick!!
  3. Tiny Turnip
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    Tiny Turnip Senior Member

    If you've got a big enough thick enough piece of ice to do it on, just do it.


    If you can make it work, I suspect it will be quite terrifying enough without the Hobie 16 rig, or the bowsprit.

    What could possibly go wrong? I think Colin Furze is your patron saint here...
  4. Clarkey
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    Clarkey Senior Member

    You might be able to make it work like a South Bay Scooter? Just runners on the bottom of the hulls and no rudders/steering gear at all. The Hobie hulls have enough rocker that it might just work?
  5. okeydokey
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    okeydokey New Member

    Good point, I could probably just wax the hulls and put a piece of sheet metal in on the rudder pivots to steer.

  6. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    You don't need more sail area, as was said before.
    Look at modern iceboats - they have a relatively small sail area - and still go very fast.
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