History of Chris Craft Scorpion and Stinger

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Yooper78, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Does anyone know the history of Chirs Craft Scorpions and Stingers? Searching ebay I found this auction interesting which states "former class winner on the offshore circuit ocean commotion, this is a real scorpion not a chris craft, built by scorpion boat builders, built tough, boat should run in the low 80s" There were some stingers around when I was younger that were nice looking fast boats -- I always thought of stinger and scorpion as chris craft models and didn't realize that scorpion was prior a boat company on their own that was bought? Would be interested in hearing or reading any history if anyone knows or has some good links.
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    Yooper - I think you didn't get a reply because you have some bad information. I think that Scorpion 38 you linked to was built by Scorpion boats in Miami Florida after Chris Craft had been building their scorpion model name for some time. I think Scorpion built a 32 and a 38, more of a low volume custom builder.
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    The 41 Stinger was the boat in the first series of Miami Vice
    I had a customer with one.
    Chris Crafts have varied in build quality more then most over the years due to the number of owners.
    The one I worked on, less then 10 years old already had major delaminations in the many places.
    Looked good as the paint job was Imron and that lasts forever.
    Did just over 70mph with a pair of 400TRS's
    You coud buy them for USD40k when 5 years old

    A die hard offshore guy would call them a ***** boat as with half of the other manufactures boats.
    Not a boat to hammer offshore, just looks the part.
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