History: Making a hull from wood models

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by newcat, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    I just had an HUGE AHH HAA moment. :idea:

    Everyone, look at all the photos on this page, Scroll down, look at the close up, front shots of the hull shape...http://www.thegreatcup.com/ImagesGalleryDetail.aspx?gallery=First-day-Racing_28-5.jpg View the 6th photo up from the bottom for the best shot!

    Now, tell me what was used as a reference for that hull shape. It's very obvious to me....Lets see how many of these "designers" can see it.

    I now have my hull shapes. No fancy computer, no software, just good ole' common sense!

    Now i need Mr Lord to design the Foils for her...
  2. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    I will bite. Do you mean this one ?

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  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    rwatson: You are right. Everyone knows that high performance boats like that get designed in the back of a napkin late at night in the pub. A computer would be a hindrance to feeling you can do it.
  4. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    Yep, that's the photo. I already have access to a full size, 3d scan, of what was used as a reference point for this hull shape. I see it 100%
    And having that artiest type mind, imagination, will net me one a pair of wicked hulls! Come'on Gonzooooooo, what do you see there?
    Sadly for you, computer monitor, and some high tech software, and a boat hull.......But i know imagination will always win over intelligence <(sometime's perceived INT.)

    And leave it to Gonzo, after 9000 post's , still hasn't proven to the world, he's a negative Nelly D-bag..sad sack.
    Please stay out of my thread, i'm trying to learn something, not hear your constant negative, smart A- tone....
  5. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    I see a high tech boat that was designed by a team of highly educated professionals that used computers extensively. They also tank tested models and compared with existing literature research. Am I missing something? Also, imagination is a function of intelligence.
  6. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    So the answer is a... Dolphin.

    Boat name Porpoise 36 Watch:>>>>>>>https://www.youtube.com/v/7hfNImic03k

    I have 3D scans from a research facility on the way. these scans show
    all the measurements, around 12ft long, i will hire someone to use the
    lines/measurements from brain to tail, add in the aft hull section, and the
    bow section, and blow it up too 36'
    All they will have to do is take the top shape, bottom shape, side shape. Which nature provided free of charge.
    You can use all the fancy computers you want' i will end up with a set of hulls
    based on what mother nature teaches.

    So there we go, i have my hull shape. With the help of a Marine Architect, and the laser scanned 3d lines already done, the conversion to hulls, based off that shape, should not be too much work. Much less then starting from scratch, and i know the end product will be great as its already proven! I happen to know a retired Navy Marine Architect, lucky me, perks of life when you treat people with respect instead of disdain ;)...

    So on to my next question!!!!!

    Beams...Carbon Box Beams I or X inside bracing????
    Why don't people make the front, most forward beam, wave piercing? Here is what i think....Make a box beam, laminate on the front of the box beam a lip that tapers to a sharp point, so if you sink a hull, that front beam turns into a knife and cuts the water. Why keep it square or round? Makes NO sense to me???

    Think a square box, with a knife edge laminated on the front of the beam. Top of the knife (looking down) is square, then tapers down to the blade. Same with my beams, no change in a proven box design, but the front of the beam is the knife edge. Lay a knife on the table blade (not tip)pointing away from you. That's the beam, back is the box, front edge is the how the beam edge faces the water. the whole front beam becomes a wave piercing beam, with no loss in structure, just a little added carbon weight for the laminated edge on the beam. Could you taper that edge up a little to aid in getting the front of the boat out of a wave? Humm?

    Edit: I will also ask opinions on the best way to connect beams to a set of hulls.
  7. kerosene
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    kerosene Senior Member

    Way to resort to personal attacks.

    You were getting good advise, if you choose to ignore it that is naturally fine and up to you. To ***** and moan like a spoiled teenager when your process (and lack thereof) is being questioned is lame and will result in nobody bothering to contribute anymore.

    If you think a 3d scan of a dolphin will help you somehow then knock yourself out.
  8. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    The dolphin boat will be a marvel of ingenuity. It will necessarily have articulating and shape shifting ability along with a super extensive array of skin sensors that signal the elaborate central computer which will initiate the appropriate shape shift and articulation direction and extent........... And it will be topped with dual junk rigs.
  9. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    IT WILL!

    Good advice? all i read is negative, smart A&& reply's like your last attempt...And it has been the same forum trolls, for many years on here. Have nothing to add, act like a know it all too mask the fact they don't really know squat, except how to act smart. I'm just going to iggy you and the other trolls that post on here.

    If anyone has something to say about my plans thanks, Mod's please control these off topic personal attacks on me. I'm trying to use this forum for information on an idea i have. Please, off topic post, delete them off my thread.

    The topic's are:

    Hull shapes, will my Dolphin shapes work
    Beam connection options
    Beam structure
    Forward knife edge beam design, for wave piercing.

    You don't like my ideas, move on, i don't need to hear your negative junk.
    This boat will rock, and i'll be laughing at the nay sayers, for years, once i prove it.
  10. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    So back on topic:

    What shape could be better then a Dolphin for wave piercing? Feel free to fire up the computers, and show me. :D

    The idea is to take the basic measurements from the 3D scan, add on the bow and stern profile to the main body shape of the Dolphin. If you look close at the photo MR Watson posted up for me, Thxs, you should see a dolphin in the mid section of the hull, the bow is modifed, and the stern section is about the same also, less the tail. the WHOLE shape less the bow forward section, is a Dolphin. Period. Even that edge running from the hull bottom to the hull side is Dolphin like, from the belly to the side of the dolphin is tapered. So is the hull in that photo. Look close! Computers are great things, but what people are racking their brains over, designing fast hulls, is already proven. With the technology today, getting that info. is easy!

    So please step up and tell me a man made computer will design a hull better then the 'hull' of a Dolphin! Please! :D

    Off the table: Junk rig (the high tech weenie took over, even though i try to fight it)
    Lashed Beams, same excuse!

    As of today (will change im sure)
    Porpoise 32

    Hulls with JUST enough volume to house 4 small, single pipe berths. 2 each hull.
    Hull #1 sitting room head section
    Hull #2 step in galley (Think enough room for a jet boil, a two ultra light weight camp stoves, a fold up sink)
    All flush, offshore rated hatches.
    Carbon fiber deck, with thin bamboo overlay
    Single long shaft outboard (9hp max)
    Rowing ore on each hull
    Foil design to help with lift, not looking to fly around the world, just improve performance.
    Self steer system
    Tiller system
    Prob. a wing mast setup at this point
    Stow-able geo dome deck tent (good weather use only) Might make that out of Cuben fiber cloth with a no see um inner that can be used by itself, cuben is a rain shield
    Deploy-able carbon frame/blow up hull, floating solar array. Roll up panels.
    Led lights (very few white and red)
    Air head marine head system.
    Water maker (still need to carry backup water)
    Water catch system off the boom. I have an idea for this! Look at the new 55 gunboat, see that boom wing? It holds the sail in a nice organized fashion when its dropped, i will use something like that to catch rain water off the main, and send it right into a deck water tank!

    That's the boat for now, it will have a very high tech look, but rely on very little mechanical stuff to keep going. Food will be freeze dried, Air composting head only requires one solar vent to run it, no power! Stove will be multi fuel for different fuels around the world! Might look into a wind Gen, reviews are mixed on them...

    Its important to understand the attended use of this boat.

    Sail fast to a location, stay in that locations weeks or months, blowing around. Re pack boat, passage too new location, stay in that location weeks or months etc etc
    The passages will be tuff with such limited space, but fast. once in a general area, rest, explore, fun for weeks, not days! That makes the next passage
    not so hard. If you were moving on a schedule, non stop, this boat would be horrible for that. But arriving in a location, and staying for longer term visit's
    makes it good. The huge deck tent, with screens will withstand weather (boat anchored) like a high quality 4 season expedition tent. If the weather gets too bad
    for that, (not going to happen to often) then stow it, and sleep below. Nothing to break down, low draft for reef areas, huge living space under tent, stoves can be
    moved from below to deck tent area! With the long ore's, you can get around some, without using gas all the time, solar charges the battery when anchored, Not much on-board that uses battery power anyway. A good wind gen could keep up with a small load from a radar/gps unit. SSB for use in emergency or Sat phone. I like the SSB stuff.

    If you read all that, feel free to comment, if not, move on to the next thread, your opinions mean nothing to me if you can see the whole picture.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
  11. tom28571
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    tom28571 Senior Member

    The OP clearly only wants to hear confirmation of his ideas. All other replies are "negative" and hateful. Might be best for others to just read and learn from such a resourceful innovator able to reach such definitive and accurate conclusions from a couple photos and the fishes. I am in awe of such intellect.
  12. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    Reported to Mods

    Off topic, adds nothing to the topic at hand but hate.

    My above ideas are an open book for debate, as long as one post's something to debate about, improvements/changes etc, non of that offered, equals a troll.
  13. newcat

    newcat Previous Member

    Can i get enough volume in a 32 ft hull to fit 2 small singles (pipe) in the hulls and still keep the boat ultra high performance? Not looking for head room, obvious, just enough to slide into a berth, and a little cuddy area for the wall mounted cook stoves and a fold up sink.

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    It seems this thread is causing more offense than productive discussion. I'm very sorry that you haven't found the responses to your post useful, but with namecalling towards other members such as calling someone a "negative Nelly D-bag..sad sack" this thread will be closed at this point. Sorry it didn't work out.
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