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Discussion in 'Education' started by navalmonir, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I am on sub assistant engineer at www.wms.com.bd in the Bangladesh. I would like to pursue a career in Naval Architecture.I had finished shipbuilding diploma. Now i want to hire Education in Naval Architecture.Please, let me know, how can i hire study in Naval architecture?

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    It looks like you are already working at a commercial shipyard for large ships, so I assume that large merchant ships is your interest.

    It is possible to study NA in Singapore (where a lot of people from Bangladesh are working in the big shipyards). It costs money, but perhaps you could earn some money in a yard and use this money to pay for study part time. I know some Bangladesh people who do this.

    Universites are;

    The big shipyards are;
    KEPPEL Offshore & Marine
    SEMBAWANG Marine & Offshore Engineering

    There are other universities in Europe and USA with a higher reputation in Naval Architcture, but they also will cost money. It will be very difficult for you to find employment at the same time as doing higher study. The courses are usually FULL TIME.

    If money and entry qualifications are no problem, then you have many choices with education mainly in English language;
    Norway - NTU Trondheim
    Holland - TU Delft
    UK - Strathclyde, Newcastle, Southampton, UCL
    USA - Uni of Michigan, MIT, Texas A&M, Stevens Institute, Webb Institute, others
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