Highly trained marine finisher looking for work

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    Currently seeking new projects or exciting employment opportunities in the marine field,and willing to relocate in or outside of the USA...I am originally from Maine and have been living in Rhode Island for the last 6 years now,owning a yacht repair business called "YACHT COATINGS"...



    All aspects of boat building processes, new construction to finish, cold-molding,single and double planked hulls and fiberglass construction

    Highly skilled in application of one- and two-part paint, varnish, epoxy systems using brush, spray and roll techniques

    Fairing hulls

    Fiberglass repair and fabrication

    Gel coat application and repair

    Bow thruster installation

    Basic on-board marine mechanical, electrical and plumbing

    Restoration of structural and non-structural boat elements


    New Work: Finish Carpentry, Framing, Roofing

    Door, window, cabinetry installation


    Paint Foreman

    Coordinate & schedule crews up to (50) employees for work on yard boats & new construction

    Support and collaborate with management, sales representatives and clients

    Responsible for ordering of daily and annual inventory

    Project estimating (new and restorative work to 90')


    Cell phone-001-252-9246

    Email: bluewater392007@yahoo.com
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