Higher power parallel hybrid applications?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Bosun, Nov 25, 2009.

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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

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    Bosun Navigare Necesse Est

    Fred, kistinie

    Could you pls enlighten me: What are "CPP and EGT monitoring" short from?
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    CPP = controllable pitch propellor
    EGT=exhaust gas temperature.

    Add pitch and load the engine so it stays/gets hot enough (at lower rpm) for proper combustion and hence long engine life.
    If u run it cool-unburnt fuel makes carbon,possibly dilutes the oil,etc etc and youll glaze the cylinders etc

    Reminds me of my neighbour who always warmed up his Ford P-stroke for 10-15 minutes every morning despite my warning,then whined about the oil consumption and blue smoke on start up a year later.

    Battery bank? For my boat to have been a parallell hybrid I'd have had to carry 10 tons of batteries in order to cuise at 9 knots for not all that long.

    And I have a couple cars that get 3 litres/100 km @ 90 kmh..for non metricos that is 78 mpg (US gal) @55 mph.
    Slow down to 40 mph and I've gotten 2.2 litres,which is about 105 mpg (US)
  4. apex1

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    What a nonsense again! Have you ever made a mature statement Babe?

    A El. Motor does´nt need a CPP!:!:
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    kistinie Hybrid corsair

    Cool love find me a non CPP propeller 6 to 20 Knts regenerating, 1 to 8 Knts propulsion ! I need one for next summer !

    I need one sweet Richard...Rather 3, i am a trimaran lady that can give a lot of pleasure when properly tuned
    Richard can i ask you...Are you a true blond ?

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    Hybrid or not

    I've been studying Hybrid solutions availiable "off shelf" as I want to equip a new 70' sailing boat with it. unfortunately there's nothing much availiable and most studies done have turned out unsatisfactory. the only system that could be an option would be (in my case) 2 parallel hybrid diesels (a la Steyr but maybe a bit more powerful) whereas the electric drives would be used for maneuvering in the port..not much more!(and boost the engines in an emergency?!)
    This use would be enhanced when using variable pitch props (or constant speed or better Torque props)...like this the electric drives could be used to full advantage and one could still produce electricity windmilling the props.....other wise stick to the diesels. Steyr motors engines have a SFC of 205 g/kWh...thats only matched by far larger units.
    Heres an extensive study on the issue:
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