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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by hmattos, Sep 1, 2009.

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    We - www.explorermarine.co.uk - have been asked to quote for the build of an 8 metre harbour workboat fitted with twin 60hp outboards - twins are required for security and for good steering control in tight spaces. The MAXIMUM speed allowed is 10 knots, but we do require very good pulling and pushing "tugboat" capabilities.

    Do any of you have any experience with the high thrust or Big Foot models in this power, and thus which brand would you suggest.
    We are based in the UK, so only new low emissions engines may be specified.
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    The E tec BRP engines wil have the most torque but whoever has the lowest gear ratio and largest prop diameter will win the tug boat duel
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    My E-Tech Evinrude has a lower unit with a 2.67 - 1 gear ratio and a prop of almost 14" can be run. That's 40, 50, and 60hp.

    Easy Rider
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    Thanks for your help. We and the customer have now chosen a pair of Suzuki DF90A fourstrokes which at 1502cc and 155kg will I am sure do the job nicely. Suzuki have provided some special high thrust props, and with the new Suzuki double reduction gearing - under the powerhead and in the lower unit - we hope for a good tug at slow speeds.
    Hugh Mattos

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    harbourmaster units
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