High Speed SuperYacht Tender Survey

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JorgenBeyer, Apr 27, 2012.

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    JorgenBeyer JorgenBeyer

  2. Lister

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    I hope you don't pay to much tuition, because it's quite ridiculous.
    Wealthy people attract quite stupid followers thinking selling big money tenders. All over the world some people try this lines of making money.
    I saw an insane tender from NZ I think, 11 M. full headroom, and a sliding door going from one side to the other in aluminum. The most ugliest flat iron I ever seen.
    A tender average 20 miles a year in flat water. Performing structural optimization is absolutly relevant. Are you kidding?
    Be serious, and change school. Or change trade.
  3. JorgenBeyer
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    JorgenBeyer JorgenBeyer

    Thank you for your reply Lister
    The University I attend is quite serious (ranked 53 in the world) and we pay no tuition as we basically do not pay tuition for universities at all in Scandinavia.
    I agree that it is not common to perform structural optimization on such boats in the industry but surely you must agree that it is quite a challenge due to the freedom in structural layout, choice of materials, and definitely the difficulty in determining a sound loadcase.

    So as an educational excercise, we thought this design would be a very interesting platform to come up with new models for determining resistance, (our hull has twin steps...), and also perform structural optimization.

    We are not getting paid to do the design of course, but if someone wanted to buy the design, I would think at least some clients would appreciate the effort put into it, rather than the design from a loud-mouth designer who "knows" everything there is to know...

    We are trying to practice modern engineering-methods in an industry where there is little of it..

    But again, thank you for you very insightful reply..
    Enjoy your weekend.
  4. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    The questionairre appears to have been written by someone with limited experience as a mariner. First define the term; superyacht. That is a subjective term. If you are speaking of the 95 meter megabuck superyacht, then one would simply buy something on the order of a Sea Ray, maybe two of them. If speaking of my own "superyacht", then a 2.5 meter dink will be sufficient.

    OK perhaps this is a research paper for a thesis. You will still need to be more specific. You seem to be asking us to construct an SOR for the tender. That is like asking; how long is a piece of string?
  5. Submarine Tom

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    I just did your survey.

    It is pathetic, the first questions asks which tenders I have operated, excluding small RIBs but then asks about one boat. Which of the boats I listed would you like comment on? I commented on all of them.

    Perhaps you should go to survey school first...?

    Good luck my friend.
  6. JorgenBeyer
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    JorgenBeyer JorgenBeyer

    Basically, If you are confused about the terms, then you are probably not the one we want to fill out the survey... sorry to say..

    And yes, we are experienced mariners.

    I don´t really understand this negativity towards our project. Either you want to fill out our survey or you don´t. We welcome all serious replies...
  7. Wind Dancer
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    Wind Dancer New Member

    Question 1 is plural "What kind of Tender(s) have you worked with "
    Question 2 is singular "this yacht".
    If you enter 3 tenders in Question 1, how do you answer Question 2?

    Question 3 assumes that all the tenders in Question 1 perform alike. "What is your general opinion on the boats listed in Question 1?"

    Question 5 is singular "this tender". Which one of those entered in Question 1 does Question 5 ask about?
  8. keysdisease
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    keysdisease Senior Member

    Many of the Large Yachts I deal with buy


    as tenders including the first diesel Intrepid for M/Y Cakewalk http://my-cakewalk.com/

    Taking a look at their offerings may be worthwhile.

    Other than that, a tender has to be fast, seaworthy, safe, durable, comfortable, carry large payloads, diesel powered, quiet and small enough to fit under a crew berth.

    Steve ;)

  9. JorgenBeyer
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    JorgenBeyer JorgenBeyer

    Thanks Steve! We have looked at the intrepid boats and used fro our parametric comparison!

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