High Speed Craft Management

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    I need some advice and reference books or any documentation regarding management of small high speed craft ( 15- 25 m) with speeds over than 20 knots ( SAR Boats,Patrol Boats, Ambulance Boats )
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    The management side of high speed vessels falls in to two basic categories: the legislative side and the practical side. If true “high speed” then most Flags states shall invoke the HSC code, in which case refer to Chapter 19 and also where unsure ISM Code via resolution A.741.(18).

    The practical side must reflect that which is required by the HSC/ISM codes. If it is a new operator, they shall have a big task since it is about a cultural way of operating a company from the person who sweeps the floor to the CEO to ensure safe guards are in place for every member of staff to ensure they know their working rights and that a proper and full QA and HSE requirements are implemented…the list goes on. The companies way of “doing business” whether it is simply ordering in more fuel, to buying food supplies to training of staff and ensure staff have valid current certs etc, is all audited and documented.
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    Let us speak about rough analysing of Management for non SOLAS boats
    For all type boats
    A)Safety Management

    Safety of Navigation
    Speed - Sea -weather state related operational procedures.
    Safe Maneouvring procedures
    Navigation procedures in Restricted visibility ( Resctrictions)
    Navigation procedures in Sea Traffic
    Mooring-Boarding Operations
    Helycopter Operations

    ( Special type of Search and Rescue Procedures for SAR boats excluded)

    Crew fitness and responses to the strong accelerations on the sea.

    Emergency Preparedness

    Contingency Procedures

    B) Technical Management

    Planned Maintenance System
    To keep coordination with navigation- task planning department within implementation of PMS planning docking dates etc.
    Propulsion System
    Deck Dept
    Engine Dept
    Full Monitoring of Main Engine Performances

    This little boats also needs a strict implementation and interpretation of SOLAS rules at least as far as practible.

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    The UIM has a lot of experience dealing with much faster offshore boats. Look at their rule book, especially the marathon section safety rules. Some races only allow monohulls for safety reasons. See an example of around 50 knots in 1 to 2 meter seas here.

    Lohring Miller
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