High Reflectance Red Polyurethane ?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Doug Lord, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    There are some new type of high solar reflectance paints that allow colors like red to be used w/o the high temperature rise associated with "normal" red color on a surface in the Florida sun. Most of what I've found are for industrial low gloss applications. Anybody know of any high reflectance, high gloss polyuretanes in red? Need to keep surface temperatures below 120 degrees. Would metal flake added to paint aid in lowering the surface temperature? This is important because the surface to be painted is carbon fiber over EPS foam. Thanks......
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    I've used polyurethane in fire truck red for a trailer I built 2 years ago. Got a 30 % discount because the marine dealer was obliged to keep some in stock but nobody wanted a boat in such a painful color.
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    I remember reading about infra-red reflecting paint years ago that was being used on fighter pilot helmets - but these were in white. To decrease the heat absorption in colours will be very difficult I think.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that metallics are more forgiving but then your colour becomes not pure red.

    The solution is possibly just to insulate the surface by more layers of primer. The surface will still get hot but the transmission to the sensitive substrate will be less. This is stock solution to problem laminate builds. ie hose on 200-500microns of primer. This is normally also very stable so it prevents print-through. Awlgrip UltraBuild is great but there should be no problem in using any highbuild primer. Insulation is predominately factor of thickness.

    ps why paint object red? Paint it white:)

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    There are uv protection additives for epoxy. It is an aluminum flake that is semi transparent. Not sure if it would reflect enough heat, if put on in a clear
    urethane . You could give west system a call and see what they say.

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