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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, but am excited by the info i am finding. My plan is this..... i want to build a high performance hull from aluminum, about 10' long and about 54" wide. Power will come from a sea doo, about 110 to 150 hp, with the jet as well. seating will be as per the seadoo, front to rear seat in middle of boat, using the handlebars from the seadoo as well. Basically, i want a seadoo wrapped in a strong but light aluminum wrapper! The idea is to use it to explore local bc rivers (nothing too extreme) and to play on the lakes, as well as get me to the secluded fishing spots. I guess i want an atv for the water. I plan on using 3/16 sheet for bottom, 1/8 sides and top structure, 1/4 transom. I want to build up a frame first, and form the sheeting over it as i go. I would like storage area up front, with sealed compartments under where my feet will go, filled with foam for bouyancy. I want a self bailing design in case i take water over the bow. I've built several 8 and 10 foot flyfish boats, and have a tig welder and eneogh tools to 'wing' a design, but a good starting point would save a lot of time and money, and end up with a better result. How can i determine a balence point for seat and engine placement? I need the boat to turn well, but still be stable at speed. I also don't want it to dig in and flip at higher speed turns. Any advice is muchly appreciated!
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