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    arthurpollan Junior Member

    Mega/Super Yacht furniture designer/modeler/draftsman with 5+ years experience. Must be Rhino proficient.
    Overseas location.
    Salary competative and commensurate with skill and experience.
    Reply with Resume and representative Portfolio of work.
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    tz3dcom 3D

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Leo wu .I am runing my TZ3D studio .we are specialize in high quality 3d work for boat design since 2004.with more than 60 different type of yachts 3d project experience .very good at Rhino modeling and rendering.

    My professional work and good serve let us have very good feedback with our clients. I belive I can be a good helper if you are developing a new boat and need 3d design service .

    You can find out lots of my works from below the links as Gunboat,Aeroyacht,Moxieyachts, Scandinavian Cruisers,Marlow yacht company etc.


    I also have attached the some of my last year 3d works for you review .If you are interest in my service Pls email me for more info.

    Thanks for looking !

    Best regards

    leo wu
    Phone/fax: +86-591-83436786
    Mobile: +8613290800163
  3. tz3dcom
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    tz3dcom 3D

    my works .thanks

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