Hi-res, Hi-realism boat design renderings

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JonathanCole, Aug 9, 2007.

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    lukabg3d, yipster, cats4me, and others, you guys are the pros and I'm the student. :D

    Yeah, multiple lights, texture and the randomness of particulates in the air, little imperfections, high dynamic dange of tones make a quite the difference there. Awesome pics.

    On those last three shots on post #89, it made me do a double-take squinting at my 50" HD monitor to see if I could make out any obviouse "computer uber-perfection fakiness", and if it were'nt for a small section of polygonic curving edge in the middle pic I would have needed a triple-take! Do you means to say the scene is rendered at 50 fps? That's ungodly fast for that fine a rendering! :eek: :eek:

    Or did I misread that last part?

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Thx BobG,

    We are all students in the university of life.

    Those last 3 are nowhere near complete, they were of a 'shelved' project of mine and those were really just tests with basic lighting etc, no where near finals - the modeling isn't even finished - i only used them as samples of with and without materials which bhnautika was discussing.

    I am pretty good at confusing readers which is why I don't post to many blogs :) ... so apologies. No, those last 3 are not 'real-time' environments, those are traditional static renderings like others have posted in this thread - I did put a short separator line in my post but on review I should have been clearer. The earlier 3 I posted are in a real-time rendered on-line 'world' environment.

    It is possible to get real-time rendered content at similar quality to current 'stills' with real-time dynamic shadows, HDR lighting, full caustics etc, and I have experimented with a solution for that and can do it if its a requirement - but it needs to be a 'packaged' design stored on faster local media (hard drive / perhaps DVD etc) which negates the sharing advantage the online content has ... the initial 3 i posted are hosted on-line and mesh and texture detail is downloaded just-in-time to be rendered so internet bandwidth is a big factor with detail.

    Hope I'm not causing even more confusion :)
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    Cats4me I agree that the future marketing of designs will be come more interactive, I looked at using a game engine to push this along a while ago but got side tracked on a another project so left it, but it did show promise even with low end software. Another thing I like to do is create my own materials or customizes existing ones to suit the scene that I am working on, giving it a true one off look. In the examples I posted, the little flowers on the transparent box in the first pic or signs in the second were done in “windows paint” so you don’t need much to make it happen. Also some surfaces look fake because they are to flat and a little bump mapping can make all the difference this can also help cut down on the amount of detail needed in the model. The stand the box is sitting on in the first pic is just a smooth tube with material and bump map added to give it more 3d texture.
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    BTG YACHT DSGN -sailing is believing-

    how make waves pattern??

    Hi, I'm using Maxwell Render and Rhinoceros 3d software. How is it possible to make wave pattern/apply material/use texture??? How for example achieve comparable results as this picture on: www.urbanvoyage.com/yacht/yacht5b.jpg?
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    BTG The method I use to create water surfaces is as follows. I actually create two surfaces one on top of another, the top surface I create a free-form surface so I can put waves into it. This surface I make a Clear glass like surface with a little amount of tint in it. To this surface I also added a bump map or in the case of the software that I use, flamingo, a procedural bump map called rumble I then adjust that to get the effect I want. Putting the bump on the surface makes those Wonderful little wavelets that reflect their surroundings. The second surface I make a flat plane and position below the top surface at a distance/depth at about the keel line of the boat being rendered. This surface I colour a dark blue all most black but it can be any colour at all. The beauty I find With this method is it allows light to penetrate to a depth below the water surface so that you can get shadowing and silhouettes below the water surface, by adjusting the depth of the second surface you can adjust the amount/depth of light penetration. Hope this helps.

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    Another issue is monitor calibration.
    If it isn't correctly calibrated then it looks great on your screen and terrible on someone elses.

    I just bought a new Samsung 22 inch wide screen, it's crisp and bright and clean but the factory set colors are way out relative to the other monitor in a dual setup. These renderings definately look bettter on one than the other.

    If you run Adobe Gamma it only works for that session since it alters the video card. But it shows a better image.

    So how do all you great renderers calibrate your monitors? Should you say that it's rendered for best results under 5500k daylight for example ?
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    kach22i Architect

    Sweet, now that is art.

    Of course it helps to have a beautiful design to work with.:)
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    bhnau.....thanks for your post...nice helpful explanation of an interesting technique.

    Mike....I think you have to face the fact that anything in colour will appear differently to each and every viewer. I know I will refuse to reset my monitors just to view one picture. And I know this is endlessly frustrating for web designers, you really have no idea what the other party might be seeing.
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    BTG YACHT DSGN -sailing is believing-

    Thanks a lot :) indeed, it helped. Now I have to practise that, so back to Rhino:cool:
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    Mike I also agree there is no way of knowing what other people are seeing, I think there so many variables (colour, contrast, etc) you couldn’t just set for all, it could be a matter of giving it your best shot. Also there is sometimes a difference between the rendered picture on the screen and the saved file in the way of colours and contrast. I post process all render shots in photoshop so I can print photos if I want. This also means I can adjust colour, gammer and contrast and add filters to best represent what I want in the picture. I can also compare the print to the colour and contrast of the monitors.
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    hey guys,

    very interesting posts...wanted to throw a rendering in i did recently for a design i have been working on for a while. Working in the industry for the last three years i have noticed how much high profile clients EXPECT photo realistic rendering of the extorior and inteior of all of our boats. let me know what you think of the design and the rendering! thanks, and btw this is my first post, couldnt resist

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    Hi MGivins, :)

    Nice rendering. I'd suggest a different angle, either come around fwd or aft to avoid making the boat look too "flat". Also the light on the superstructure seems a little bright... perhaps adjust this material or the angle of the sun. It's nice to see detail in highlights (as in photography of yachts).

    Is the yacht sitting correctly according to the wind direction? The direction of the waves would suggest not?

    Just some feedback for you.

    Urban Voyage
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    hey rich

    thanks! the wind direction and wave problem you pointed out makes sence! i have never even thought about that... I have been playing with the lighting and materials forever, i lalways seem to end up with it on the too bright side. what rendering program are you using, ur stuff is AMAZING! I cant remeber what mm lens i was using for this one...maybe that has something to do with the yacht looking flat. again thanks for the feedback!!!
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    mgivens. Very nice.

    But i look at it and it looks like it's not going anywhere, so i look forward and there ' s no chain out. It's adrift! Then the wind is from the side, it's definitely adrift, with no one on board! uh oh.. eerie..

    BTW can you actually anchor that boat ? I don' t see anywhere for the anchors to go.

    Just having fun

  15. mgivens
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    hey tcubed

    hahah ya there is no one on board...havent figured out how to get ppl in there yet. the anchors are going to be concealed behind doors on the hull, still working that one out... the windlass' are on the foredeck so i jsut have to make the doors...dont have much time as this is a side project
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