Hi, is this like a lounge for just chatter?

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    If It is, I just wanted to share why I think boats and designing boats is totally awesome. If I get bored with something, there's always something else to do. That, and I have to reason to get of disability income and get a stinking job so I can pay to have her hauled out when the time comes that I need her hauled out and fixed.

    I also have a reason to learn to dive. If I loose her, I want to be able to pick her up off the bottom with tire innertubes and a couple air compressors or something. Though with a mast and rigging, that might be a bad idea, idk... I guess maybe I should glance at diving schools after I figure out how to get home schooling from westlawn.

    Maybe if I worked at a marina and maybe a yard doing something like taking engines apart and putting them back together with the bolts in the same holes they came out of It would be better than a job. I have problems with obsessive compulsive stuff like not feeling right if a bolt that came out of one hole doesn't go back in that same hole unless there's something wrong with it.
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