Hi, Anyone know estimate values of coefficient such as Cb, Cp, Cm, and etc for Yacht.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by NAstudent, Oct 6, 2022.

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    Hi, Anyone know estimate values of coefficient such as Cb, Cp, Cm, and etc for Yacht aside from values of introduction to naval architecture by E. Tupper.

    Im NA student, im about to design a yacht for my thesis. I hope anyone can help me.

    THank you!
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    "Yacht" is too vague a term to make your question have any meaning. What specifically is your concept vessel?
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    Can you describe here your statement of requirements for this yacht please?
    What type of yacht is she, and where will she be used, and for what sort of purpose?
    As JEH says above, simply saying that you are designing a yacht is very vague - there are many different types of yacht, and they will invariably have different values for the coefficients that you mention.
    How far have you got with your design so far?
    Do you at least have the approx size confirmed, and a rough general arrangement drawing (side elevation and plan views) sketched out?
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