Hey Daniel When are you going to launch that thing

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Boston, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Daniel where's your build at
    somebody somewhere gotta have some pictures of how the house boats coming along

    anyone know what direction to send up a flair so that he might see it and respond, I for one would love to know how he's progressing.

  2. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    What was his "nic" on this site before? I searched for Daniel in the membership lists but could not recognise anyone... I do not have any old emails from him, or any PM's from the other site? Can you remember where he lived,? I know he had a log cabin and that it snowed heaps... and he is building in the back yard, so he must be near water...
  3. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    dskira or something like that

    he lives somewhere in Main but no clue the name of the town
    nice guy though
    would love to see his build and how its all progressing
  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder


    He's working on the details which is more then half of a build. On a houseboat, more like 75% is tanks, furniture, equipment installations, etc.
  5. welder/fitter
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    welder/fitter Senior Member

    I've been wondering where Daniel went. My e-mail is usually updated with his newest photos, but nothing in a long time. His last post here was on Feb 19th & I haven't seen him post anything on CF forums, although his posting there is rare, anyway.
  6. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    His phone number is on his web site
    I'll call him tomorrow and surprise him ;-)
  7. peter radclyffe
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    peter radclyffe Senior Member

    how you doing

    is it ok to put this up Daniel,if not let me know
  8. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    We miss you here, Daniel.
  9. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    me too

    anyway guys it's looking good and it seems like he is working hard

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  10. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Probably in May 2012

    Thank you all, I appreciate to have friends all over the world, it is the beauty of the forum.
    The houseboat has changed on a little fishing style coastal cruising boat. I put a dagger-board case with a dagger board due to the very shoal draft and hope that will help the leeway while motoring. The sail (which is on design stage, not here the last version) will help in case of engine failure. I don't like to be with an engine and without recourse.

    This is the description of the new version:

    Accommodation description from the aft end.
    Hatches on the aft deck, give access to the outboard engine, a Tohatsu 9.8 Hp. The battery, the aluminum 13 gallon gas tank, and the manual waste water pump are also situated there, on each side of the engine.
    Then comes the pilothouse structure. With a 6’6” headroom under the beams, it contains an enclosed head on the aft end, with a manual toilet bolted directly on top of a 22 gallon waste water tank, and a vitreous china corner sink. The ventilation is done by two opening windows with screens.
    The wastewater tank is ventilated with a 3” pipe going through the roof and being topped with a galvanized turbine ventilator.
    A door gives access to a very small galley area with a vitreous china square sink and a one burner 8 inches diameter kerosene none pressurized stove. A bench complete the area.
    In front of the galley area is the helm, with an 18” classical wooden wheel, a chromed old style control, and a compass.
    The two pane windshields are opened with a crank activated system. At each side of the helm is a sliding door with a opening type window with screen, the same as the one in the head.
    The sliding door gives access to the side deck, with a 22” high bulwark for comfort and safety. The whole pilothouse structure is built on top of the watertight and self bailing deck.
    A nice 7’2” wide by 3’2” length deck space separates the pilothouse and the fore cabin.
    In this deck space, off center is the dagger board case. The dagger board is fixed to the front of the pilothouse when not in use.
    The fore cabin is of full beam type. The headroom inside is 4’6” under beam.
    The access is from a booby hatch. On each side are the berths. At the end of the cabin is a shelf with the kerosene non pressurized heather. On top of each berth is a hatch to access storage compartment.
    The light and ventilation come from a crank operated opening skylight.
    On the fore deck is the tabernacle with the mast.
    The boom can be raised and a large awning can be set from the mast to the pilothouse.

    The speed? Probably 5 knots!




  11. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    Great progress, Daniel! Thanks for the update.....
  12. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    Hi Daniel
    really looking good
    nice to be able to chat to you
    I do visit your site regularly

    go well

  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Go Danny Boy
  14. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member



  15. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the visit and update... Love your work, Great...
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