Herreshoff's catamaran reasoning

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by brian eiland, Dec 7, 2004.

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    Sailrocket? Monofoil?

    Skippy, the point about equilibrium/stability is very pointed. Jon Howes had a really good site with text about his monofoil. If you look crudely at it, it's like a Smith boat but with only one hook in the water. It then has aero stability instead. It's like the ancient hapa/sailplane concept but rigidly tied together. I think the good site is gone and replaced with something lesser, been a long time.
    I think some of the moral is that fast boats should have as little as possible to do with water, because when you go fast, the air is dense enough to carry and direct you, and more efficient and much softer and less lumpy. Water contact is needed for sideforce only, but the implementation where the leeboard thingy generates both up and downforce, to track the surface, makes a lot of sense.
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    What means "safe" on a monofoil ?

    Tks, Sigurd.

    You mean Jonathan Howes at Monofoil Sailing ?
    email jon.howes@monofoil.com

    Big words by Jon on his website, citiation:

    At least, last stentence gives the real risks behind: "The craft’s only limitations are likely to be down to pilot endurance and nerve."
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    Exactly that Jon Howes.

    Hm, one would have to use lots of cleverity to make it a comfortable ocean crossing boat I think - merely passing the martini test seems a challenge, maybe use XL cups? As the saying goes, 'in need the devil eats flies'.
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    Appreciate it.

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    Thanks for bringing this subject thread back up, and for this posting
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